Monday, January 26, 2009

"Daddy's hair" or Fun in the Tub

Tonight Corban FINALLY (Halellujah!!!) let me cut/buzz his hair! I shaved off close to 2 inches. He looks so grown up. He agreed to the hair cut because I kept pestering him for about a week that he should cut his hair like daddy's. For a while he would just look at me like I was crazy and say, "Daddy's hair? Daddy's beard?" He said he didn't want a beard. He is pretty much the most awesome kid. He also surprises me all the time with random information. We were driving in the car and I mentioned Izzy's birthday. He said, in the most excited voice ever, "My birthday?" I told him, no it is Izzy's on Sunday. Then he told me his birthday is in March. Wow. He has never said that before. I asked him, "what day is your birthday?"
"Tuesday," he said smiling.

He started singing Puff The Magic Dragon the other day. Where did he learn that? I didn't teach him. He often spells him name aloud and on paper. "c-o-r-b-a-n" or "c-o-r-b-n. Corban!" he says proudly.

He was so good to sit still for me tonight.
I didn't realize how much taller Corban is than Izzy. They are so funny, always coping each other. Sometimes it drives me crazy. They sure love one another.

Izzy's hair is getting so long. Too bad the front grows slower than the back. :) She is such a sweet girl. She talks in full sentences often and expresses herself so well. She turns 2 on Sunday! She can sing her ABC's without a back up singer. She loves singing. If music starts, no matter when we are, she will often turn to me, "momma, singing. Singing." until I acknowledge the music. I can hardly believe it. She is such a blessing in my life.

My kids teach me so much. Even when Corban upsetting her she still thanks him ("Thank you, brudder") when he gives her back her blanket or says he is sorry. She loves him so much. When he is at school she likes to ride in "brother's carseat" if we run errands. I will never forget the first time I intentionally split them up- I tried to do a mommy/Corban date, but when I dropped off Isabelle with Laurelyn, Corban cried the entire way to the dollar movie, was only distracted for a bit, and then started asking for "sister" and we had to leave early to go get her.

As much as they pick on each other they sure don't like being separated. Izzy sometimes tries to get on the bus with Corban.


Ashley said...

oh, Rach, your kids are so cute! They sure are blessings. Even those times that they don't feel like such a blessing! I can realate to them loving each other so much! Emma always says that she misses kat when she is a way at school, but then they seem to fight or pester each other when they are together! Kat is bossy, but then always want Emma to play with! Sometmes it is just not a win-win! Anyway, I hope Izzy has a great birthday! My, how time flies!

Gordon E. said...

Very wonderful photos. Izzy's hair looks so long. Corban is so handsome. Now take photo of yourself and Dave for the blog.
I love the kids stories.