Friday, December 12, 2008


My kids are pretty silly lately. This is Corban being a ham for the camera. It keeps getting colder, but they are never persuaded to stay indoors- even if I tell them I will put up the bouncer. It was only 28 degrees the morning I took this.
Big Girl Bed
I figure it is time to transition Izzy to a toddler bed, aka the crib with the side off. We will get a twin bed for her when we can. Corban was trying to be helpful and asked to sleep on her floor the first night. He finally fell asleep, even with Izzy screaming for over an hour. She just wanted to play. It was hard to stand there and let her cry, but she is learning. She tried all sorts of cute things to get me to pick her up. She got all giggly and jumped off the bed to where I was two feet away. You have to be quick with that girl. We have had two successful nights. Last night she didn't cry as much. She did mutter "mommy, daddy, brudder, izzy, mommy, mommy, daddy, izzy, etc"- it reminded me of Madagascar when Marty is wandering on the beach mumbling names.
Once she gets the big girl bed down, we will attempt potty training. She loves her Elmo seat, but she has yet to actually go in the potty. She sits on the seat and then after a minute says, "all done" and gets down. Silly girl. She did pee on the scale- which was a good thing. I don't need to be weighing myself all the time, right?

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Busty LaRue said...

We just did the crib into a toddler bed thing too. Oh it is awful! Marsh wants to play, too, and hates that I've taken all of his toys out of his room. Now he just sits in front of the door kicking and screaming until he gets tired enough to go to sleep!

Good luck with the bed transition and the potty training! :)