Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Izzy Updates

When the bus picked up Corban, Izzy and I got to play in the snow for a while. It was a blizzard (not litterally) this morning. Dan and Dave were both out working like mad to keep the driveway cleared. (THANK YOU!) By noon the sun was beaming happily down on Orem. She is such a doll face.
Announcing the newest member of the Rockettes.
The other night we saw a few minutes of some Christmas/Rockette show. A few minutes later we were back on cartoon network. I forced (yes, literally) Izzy into some PJs and she was MAD. She unzipped them and I enventually helped her out of them. She dug in a pile of waiting-to-be-folded laundry and found her pink t-shirt. Once we got that on she was happy, only she didn't want any pants. Then she slides her feet forward on the floor one at a time saying, "kick ... kick." every time she steps. She can't actually kick for some reason, as you can see in the video. Just imagine her pink too-tight t-shirt/diaper combo with her doing her attempted kicks. :)
I really wish I would have had the camera out that night. This is the next day in the kitchen.
She has a mind of her own. Something to think about- she only saw maybe five minutes of the Rockettes and she was imitating them. Kids are definitely sponges.
Izzy is doing simply Mah-va-lous in her toddler bed. The first few nights were tough, but for now, knock-on-wood, she is staying in her bed. It is so cute. I was peaking through a crack in the doorway and she was lying there playing with her hands and talking to herself.
Corban news will be coming soon.

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Gordon E. said...

Hey, I wanted to be a Rockette for years. I also went through a trapeze artist phase. Izzy looks beautiful kicking. The snow is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.