Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boring Update #1

I wish something extremely exciting happened this week. Not so.

I cleaned house, made dinner, played with the kids, exercised, and watch baby Michael 3 times (Sat, Mon, Tue). I know . . . I am a party animal.

Nov 30 I had the pleasure of performing with Natalia. The song, "In The Bleak Midwinter," she played harp and I sang. It was great to see her and her fiance, AJ. Next time maybe I can sing with her. It was great.

Corban has been using the potty sparingly/randomly. And Izzy still loves to try, although I do believe she mostly just wants to talk about the "Elmos singing"- The seat I bought has Sesame Street characters and that is what she calls it.

I know that many out there probably aren't interested so just "skip to the end." This means you Davey . . . I don't need any more jokes about it. Plus, it doesn't even have any wolverines or shapeshifters.

I have wanted to mention a new TV series that I enjoyed, Robin Hood. I joined Netflix just long enough to watch season 1 & 2. It was cheaper than buying it and what if I bought it and didn't like it. Ya know? Some of you know that I love the BBC North and South (I am sucker for period romances) and the lead character, Richard Armitage, is in Robin Hood. Armitage is a bad guy, Guy of Gisborne, in this series so that took some getting used to, but he was good at being a bad guy. I really liked Marian and Robin, played by Lucy Griffiths and Jonas Armstrong.

Robin, Marian, Guy
Season 3 starts in early 2009. I found it a fun and entertaining show. Clean and simple. I get so tired of so much junk on TV, plus I LOVE shows based on different time periods, especially from BBC. So if anyone needs gift ideas click here or here. Not that I expect anyone to get me anything. I am mostly just being funny. I didn't have anyone to talk about this with. If by any slim chance someone out there has watch the series, do tell.
I hope everyone is doing well. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner.

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