Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Opposite Day . . . Again.

Corban is such a silly. Just ask him, he will tell you "I am a silly." (Sound familiar, Mom?)

Lately, he answers "no" to many, many of my requests. So for a while now I have been using good ol' reverse psychology to get him to do things.

Example: "Don't eat those noodles." He laughs and starts moving toward them, so I get my fake serious face on and say, "Those are my noodles. Don't you eat my noodles. And don't you dare eat that meatball!" He eats them up as he laughs and I continue to tell him, "don't do it." It can be funny, but sometimes I tire of living in Opposite Land. It gets old.

Asking the opposite or asking him to race ("I'm gonna win. I am gonna drink my water first!") are a few things that work, but they don't always work. Corban is sometimes to smart for me and knows what I really want him to do. :)

Such a silly! I love that boy.

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