Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

There has been a lapse in my posting, I know. Here are a few pictures from All Hallows' Eve. Corban's original plan was to be a witch (so mommy got the second dibs), then the night before Halloween I was asking him what he wanted to be, he took a deep breath and bellowed, "SUPERHERO CORBAN!!!!!"
I grabbed my sewing machine and dug in my spare fabric box until I found some lovely crushed velvet, red.

Izzy is a gorgeous ballerina. We had numerous comments about her perfect dancer body. It was funny. The kids had fun and Corban let himself into many homes. He had a system- Ding,dong. Knock, knock. No immediate answer- try the door knob and let yourself in. I had to stay very near him. He is pretty much amazing.
Corban is still requesting to trick-or-treat again. I try to explain that we can do it next year. Maybe once all the neighbors take down their decorations he will forget about it for a while.



Cute superhero! I think all superheros should wear crushed velvet and flip flops.

Gordon E. said...

It was tooo long between posts but I am very grateful for whenever you can post.You are right, Super Corban and Ballerina Isabelle are pretty amazing. I like that you made them matching capes, the video clip is cute. I watched it nine times but who is counting. Trick or treating should be more often, Corban is correct.

Busty LaRue said...

Oh your kids look so cute!

Gordon E. said...

Really Rachael the kids are cute but you wore a witch's hat. You're no witch you are an angel!!!


Busty LaRue said...

Tag! YOu're it! Go to my blog to find out!! :) (And I'm sorry, they made me do it!)

marianne said...

So cute and what a mom to make a costume at the midnight hour! It was a perfect evening, huh?

Brian Family said...

Cute costumes and I am also happy to see you participating in dressing up! I am going private so which email do you want me to add?

Gordon E. said...

We need more Grandchildren pictures please.