Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Corban made me do it!

Corban has been pestering me for a few days, so yesterday we set up our tree.
No decorations, yet. We will put them on after Thanksgiving.

Corban has been talking to the tree and chose a name, George, for it. He has such an imagination. Inanimate objects are often part of the conversation. At least this electric entertainer (he spends half the day just hanging out in the living room now) is better than the electronic box downstairs.
Since I was already moving a few items, we rearranged the whole room, moved a few pictures. I love to move furniture around. It is a habit I got into as a teenager. There are some many things I would love to do to improve my house (new carpet is first on my list) and since a complete remodel is out of the question the least I can do is rearrange for a new look.
I attempted to get a few cute shots of the kids. While they are always cute, I didn't get what I was hoping for. She loves having Corban's arm around her, don't let that look fool you.

Unfortunate for me, the one picture that they are both looking contently at the camera is blurred and too dark. Oh, well. :)
After our photo shoot I put Izzy down for a nap. Corban and I sat on the loveseat and I tried to tell him about the conference talk Come What May, and Love It by Elder Wirthlin. I would read him a couple lines here and there, then I laughed a few times. "What's funny, mom?" Corban would say. I love that talk. Especially the part about the blind date. Funny!
(I hope you are happy, mom. This makes three posts in 2 days. I love you!)


Connie said...

Your front room looks nice. I'm jealous that you have your tree up! Cute pictures of the kids.

Ipo said...

Hey there! Thanks for coming by my blog!! Getting up early to exercise takes some getting used to...especially when it's so cold out. But it would be fun to have you there!! By the way, love the pictures of your kids...they have grown so much.

Gordon E. said...

Oh my heck. I am in heaven. More pictures of my cute grandchildren. Soooooooo great. My day is made.Thanks Rachael for being such a great mom to your children and a fantastic daughter. Thanks for calling grandpa Dale today. It made his day.

Lindsay said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have some of my Christmas accessories up. They are doubling as fall decorations.

Bradley said...

Love Christmas decorations! Nice piano too, always wanted one though I have no idea how to play it

Camille said...

How cozy! Looks like Christmas came early at your house! I love it!