Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Pictures

First off, Corban and I have to brag about our "canning" skills.

Disclaimer: I realize I am not good at canning- I want to do more- I want to learn- maybe next year. First I have to learn to garden. Baby steps like Bob, right? One day I will can with the best of them!
That means you- Connie, Candice, Laurelyn, etc. There are so many of you expert canners our there.

We made strawberry freezer jam! I make one mean jar of Strawberry jam- Like it is so hard.
It turned out so yummy. We had 10 jars when we were finished. Corban LOVED cutting the stems off (with his plastic knife)- Don't tell him, I had a special bowl for his stems so I could go back and cut off the rest of the fruit. He would basically cut the fruit in half. :) I love strawberry freezer jam! He loved mixing and stirring. What a great helper. Corban loves to work in the kitchen- for small bursts of time. I do believe his favorite thing must be breaking eggs open. When I don't let him do something- usually involving knifes- he is allowed to hold my wrist to control cutting, etc. You have to be careful what you do in front of Corb because he thinks if he sees it done once he can do it by himself. :)
Izzy looks so grown up in these pictures.
Such a cutie!
(Sorry about it being blurred.)
Corban's favorite outfit.
Thank you, Jill and Vili!
He wears it as much as I will let him. He thinks it's name is "outfit." If I want him to go get dressed and I use the phrase, "go put on an outfit," he comes back wearing it. :)


jill langston kaufusi said...

If we ever go to Hawaii again, we know exactly what to get Corban... 30 "outfits."

Amanda Fullerton said...

You are braver than I. I don't even let Ryan use a plastic knife just yet.

Those pictures are adorable. Izzy is getting SO big! :) I love the story about Corban's "outfit". That's so cute.

Brian Family said...

MMMM your ham sounds delicious! Your kids crack me up, I love Corban's outfit, he looks handsome!

Lynners said...

You'll never be able to go back to store bought jam again! At least I never have. Good on ya for domesticating!


Congrats on the jam! You just can't beat homemade jam.

simplemom said...

I loved the jam. Thanks for sharing. It was gone in a week. I had to keep hiding it from the girls. But there is nothing so good as homemade bread and yummy jam. Thanks!