Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't get it.

So this week I spent a full day cleaning out and rearranging our laundry room and under the stairs. It is a tiny bit less embarrassing now. I think the guys at the D.I. thought my van was related to a clown car. I can hardly believe how much I was able to squeeze in there. I hate taking two trips- so I made one work.

The point of this post is how funny it is that I have looked so "bad" most of my life. I have been looking at a ton of old pictures and wondering "what was I thinking" about many of them. Why didn't anyone tell me. Looking at all these old pictures is embarrassing. Why hasn't anyone turned me in to What Not To Wear? Really. I won't feel bad. Just do it already. Seriously. I have seen pictures. I have mirrors in my house. There is much proof of my frumpy, not cute, icky looks. You are probably just being nice and don't want me to cry when Stacy and Clinton tell me my wardrobe is horrible.
I guess, in the real world, I have to learn in baby steps. One cute piece of clothing at a time. Too bad I can't just get a whole new wardrobe all at once. I do think I am getting better. I honestly am trying not to look too frumpy-mom lately. I have been trying to find classic looks that I can wear for years that look cute on my figure. It is going to take a long time to fix my fashion issues.
Authors note: This is not a pity party. I don't need everyone to tell me how awesome I am. I already know that. Not that I have anything against pity parties. If you have one I will glady attend.

At least I am making a tiny bit of progress on my weight loss goal. It has been 2 months and I have lost 7 1/2 lbs- I know, not much, but better than none. At least losing it slow and steady I am less likely to gain it back. I definitely could do better, but I love junk food. How are you all doing on your goals? (I had to admit to my meager weight loss. As Jodi told me, public humiliation works well. I need to stay motivated.)


The Orton Family said...

I know exactly how you feel! I want to go on What Not To Wear so bad!! I too look at most of my clothes and go "ick!" I very often feel like a frumpy Mom, but I too have decided no more! I'm starting to try and buy clothes that are flattering and feminine. For me, everything I had was so casual. I didn't feel like I had nice things to wear on a date when I want to look like an attractive woman and not a tired mommy. I've found some nice things that make me feel so much better about myself, and when my husband came home from work he complimented me on how nice I looked. Clothes really do make a difference in how you feel and how others see you. (For the record, I never remember you looking frumpy!)

Good job on your weight loss. Who cares how long it takes! I, along with my sisters and mom, have been trying to lose weight too, and it's been really slow too. It's taken me like 6 months to lose 10 pounds! But I'm just glad I've lost. I also LOVE junk food, especially ice cream and chocolate. It's hard to deny those things and to say No to seconds of a yummy meal. My husband told me that if I reach my goal weight I could go on a shopping spree. Well, I cheated a little. I got about 4 pounds away from my goal and went shopping already! I probably shouldn't have done that, but I think it's actually giving me more motivation. Maybe you could see if your husband wouldn't mind if you gave yourself a little reward for making a certain weight. I really think it's helped me and it will help with your feelings of frumpiness, which would make you a happier wife and mother. See, everyone benefits! Anyway, this comment is really long. I just wanted to say I completely understand how you feel and good job on the weightloss. Try not to feel discouraged and keep trying!

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Hey Rach, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :)

Becca said...

I can honestly say that you haven't looked frumpy to me-EVER. We all do the best we can with our wardrobe. Whatever one can afford.

Congrats on your weight loss! I know it is a long journey to ideal health for all of us.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations and awesome job on the weight loss! You have been so diligent on going on your 6 am (gulp) exercise jaunts.

And a 7-1/2 pound loss is not meager! That is right in line with a healthy loss.

You wish I would write you in to "What Not to Wear". I think we all wish someone would turn us in! (And you don't need it- you don't qualify.)

Gordon E. said...

Rachy, You look beautiful in anything, and you are never frumpy. Congratulations on the weight loss. Really, why can't they make junk food with fiber and protein? This would solve many a problem.
I believe you and your sisters should design a line of clothes for "Supermoms," (which you are.) You could use an easy care fabric that was both functional and fashion oriented.
I agree with Lindsay. We all want to be nominated to "What Not to Wear."


Congrats on the weight loss..that's wonderful!

simplemom said...

I'm going to have to agree with your Mom and Lindsay. You are beautiful in anything. I should know, I see you at 6am. :)

And way to go on the weight loss! Keep working toward good health and the weight will come off. 7-1/2 pounds is excellent in 2 months. Keep going slow and steady. I know you'll get there. :)