Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General Conference

I have loved to read others' recent posts about conference. There was so much that I loved about it.

The children's choir on Saturday was wonderful. For my kids it also helps to have a few people we can play "where's waldo" with from the Tab choir. Keeping the kids still wasn't easy, but I think they did fairly well.

I would love to hear your favorite moments from General Conference, whether that applies to quotes, talks, or how you kept your kids content.

(I need ideas for next time.)

One of my favorite moments with Corban was on Saturday- before I pushed power on the TV I explained that we would be watching the prophet and asked if he remembered what he looked like. As I pushed the button he called out, "Oh . . . Here he is!" He was so excited. President Monson was opening the meeting. When President Monson got up later Corban exclaimed, "oh, here-ee-is again."

So cute. I am hoping to get to read some of the talks I missed or couldn't hear.

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Bradley said...

The whole thing was amazing for me, It's the first time since I converted to be apart of it and I was even able to go to a couple of them and it truly confirmed that I made the right choice for once, Oh and Jeffery Holland is the man, gets me all misty eyed every time I listain to a talk of his.