Sunday, October 19, 2008

Escaped Convict!!!!

Corban was our little prison convict tonight. He had loads of energy, which allowed him to get much accomplished in a short time period.

He gave himself a tattoo (drew all over his jammies with a marker), carved a gun out of soap, broke out of the joint (figured out that if he used the broom handle he can reach the slider lock), and attempted some grand theft auto (took the keys to the van outside, tried to turn it on, rolled the windows down).
I (finally) figured out he was outside and ran out the door. When he saw me tear out of the house he jumped into his car seat, put on his seat belt and said, "I want to go for a ride, mommy."

(BTW, I did take him on a drive. He was alseep before we were out of the neighborhood.)


Busty LaRue said...

Oh how funny and cute! Marshy gives himself pen tattoos on his stomach and legs almost daily.

simplemom said...

What a funny night. I'm sure it probly wasn't as funny at the time. But he is a total crack up. I am always amazed at how incredibly smart Corban is. He can open or get into anything...locked or otherwise. Watch out world, here he comes! :)

Gordon E. said...

Clever boy, probably figured he couldn't reach the gas pedal. He always falls asleep when you take him on the evening drives, could be a problem if he is driving the van himself.

marianne said...

You are a busy woman! Corbin is so funny!! :)

Lynners said...

You are a good mom! I'd just kill him. Or send him away with Dad somewhere before I killed him!