Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tuesday I spent the day picking most of our apples. I was amazed by the quantity, and by the lack of worm infestation. They are pesticide free, aka we were too lazy to spray, but surprisingly there were minimal issues. There were about 12 grocery bags FULL of apples- and there are few left on the tree.

We are so lucky our apple tree had such a great harvest this year. Laurelyn, a great friend, took pity on me and we spent the better part of today sorting apples and then making applesauce. I think we ended up with about 31 quarts of applesauce and a couple boxes of prime apples to store for future baking and/or eating.

Thank you so much LAURELYN! I appreciate your willingness to teach me. We survived the day with only a few minor blisters (from cutting apples) and burns.
Caution! Boiling water is hot. Go figure.

What are your favorite things to can, bake, cook, etc.?
Now that I am such a domestic goddess I need to get a few more tricks up my sleeve.
And if I am lucky, next week I will learn to can grape juice.


The Orton Family said...

Good for you! I love to can. It's so satisfying to see the beautiful bottles of preserves. This year I've done tomatoes, peaches, raspberry peach jam, raspberries, and grape juice. I had help for most of them. Have fun doing grape juice. It's really easy. I had a juicer/steamer things that made it super easy, it just took a while. I got 26 quarts, and my husband wants me to do more. Picking them is the hardest part, so I just have to get up the energy to go out and do it.

Becca said...

I am jealous of your skills and your food storage! OH, what I would give for an apple tree.

Lindsay said...

I am impressed. Perhaps when I have a garden and a house I will attempt canning. I do know how to make frozen jam (like it is hard and it isn't really canning).

marianne said...

Good job! Tell Laurelyn hi for me. You are awesome to get your food storage all ready and with yummy homemade stuff. We finally got our yard done and grass in, so next year I hope to have a garden and get some good stuff from it. Until then, it's store bought for us. :)

Gordon E. said...

The applesauce is so good. Thanks for sharing Rachy. I used to love canning, just sometimes the case lot sales were a better value, but never as good. I miss canned tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.

simplemom said...

Hey babe, canning is lots more fun when you are doing it with a friend. You are so welcome, I'd love your company anytime. It was fun going through all those beautiful apples. Thanks for sharing some with us. Way to go with all your new domestic skills. Once you go homemade, nothing store bought will taste as good. (in my humble opinion):) Keep it up! Your doing great.