Sunday, September 14, 2008

When the cats away, the mice will play.

I was very lucky this weekend and was able to sneak away to our RS retreat (the activity previously known as The Great Escape.) Dave stayed home with the kidlettes. When I was leaving I saw Corban get the watermelon out of the fridge and put it on the table. As we rode to the cabin I received these two messages from Dave. 
Corban LOVES watermelon, and I "guess", Izzy does as well.

Our retreat was SOOOOO much fun. Our ward does this once a year, usually in September. It is basically a large slumber party with "slumber" being optional. 
The Plan: eat, play, talk. 
It is always fun to see how certain situations bring out the giggles in EVERYONE. I don't think I have laughed that hard in ages. We had a wonderful getting to know you game and then I got to play scrabble. I LOVE scrabble. It was a huge success. I should have slept over, we left so late anyway. Our carpool left near midnight and I hear the ladies stayed up until after two AM- keep in mind these are women of MANY ages. :) It was quite fun. 

THANK YOU DAVEY for watching the kids so I could attend!


Becca said...

I am so happy you were able to attend the slumber party! I want to come too. Sounds divine. The kids look pleased with the quality of your watermelon.

Gordon E. said...

I see that Izzy and Corban are like Grandpa Gordon, he looks just like that when he eats watermelon. In heaven. He loves watermelon. The great escape sounds wonderful. Glad you had a few hours with your sisters in the gospel. Mom

Brian Family said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I bet it was way nice to get a break!

The Gaston Clan Bryon, Mandy, Kyler & Korbin said...

Hello rachey my dear! Isn't always nice to get little breaks here and there!! You family is so cute. I'm still trying to figure out this whole blog thing!
take care

Amanda Fullerton said...

What a great get away for you! I'm so happy that Dave watched the kids for you so you could go. I loved the video! Corban burrying his face in the watermelon is priceless! Izzy is just as sweet as ever and looks more and more like you, everyday!!