Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sk8er boy!

My friend Danielle has a skate ramp in her backyard. Nearly every time we walk by he attempts to sneak into the back and play. Today we willingly allowed him to do his worst. He is a natural skater I think.
But don't take my word for it . . . ba dum bump.

I also had to include our little Izzy's attempt to conquer the ramp.
The shadow is from her house- makes it hard to see- sorry.

Corban loves to play superhero. This picture is him proclaiming that he will "Save The Day!!"

He is hilarious. What can I say?

One more thought-

Speaking of Corban saving the day . . . I am so excited! (oh, man. Maybe I should say anything. I don't want to jinx his progress. ) The last few weeks Corban has been more actively interested in potty training. He has resisted using the potty for almost a year. He would use is once in a blue moon, but always requested a diaper. I tried treats, toys, money, etc and nothing worked.

A few weeks ago I let him pick out a new package of big boy underwear and ever since he has alternated days of wearing undies. It is awesome. He usually only makes it a half day, but he is trying so hard. I love watching him try to succeed and see the excitement on his face when I sing the "Corban Did It" cheer/song when he is successful. :) I love kids!

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Amanda Fullerton said...

Corban is SUCH a cutie!

Well done on the potty training front! That's a wonderful start!