Sunday, September 28, 2008

General RS Meeting

The General Relief Society broadcast was last night. Mom (and Dad) and I met at Lindsay and Jeff's apartment. Baby Ian is such a doll. He is so little and so cute!
Thanks for dinner Jeff and Lindsay (and Costa Vida)!
I wanted to share some of the things I really liked. There was so much I loved. I wasn't fast enough to write everything down- I can't include my half quotes. :) If you had anything you really enjoyed please share.
From Julie B Beck's talk-
"If we heed personal revelation we cannot fail."
"Revelation requires serious mental effort." I can't remember the reverence she gave for this, but the quote goes on to say revelation is not pushing buttons but pushing ourselves.
"The Lord cannot accomplish His work without the sisters of the church."
From Barbara Thompson's talk-
"Most people that need help are often in our own neighborhoods. We don't have to look far."
"Women need to step up and be strong."
"We need to rescue that which is finest down deep inside us."
From President Uchtdorf's talk-
He called for women to stop focusing on their imperfections, to stop apologizing all the time. (I do this a ton!)
I loved that he related the difference between men and women by explain her almost perfect cooking and him being proud of his greasy fried eggs and twice-toasted bread. Cute story, and very true.
He talked about creation- "Make beautiful everything around you"- Brigham Young
Creation is bearing children and teaching others and sharing our talents. When you create by these standards, "you improve not only the world around you, but the world within you."
"Work will cure your grief serve others." -Gordon B Hinckley
"Every sister . . . is of critical importance"
"We are surrounded by others who need us."
The number of prayers we answer are more important than the number of our prayers that are answered.
"Happiness is your heritage."
"You are the things you create."


Gordon E. said...

Hey, did you notice I put a secret message in your notes. I love you Rachael. It was fun to watch the broadcast together, have dinner and hold baby Ian. Families are eternal on earth to.
My three daughters are the best mothers ever. I know dad would agree.

The Buxtons said...

How fun that you all went to the broadcast together! I bet you guys miss Rebecca so much! I'm jealous that you had Costa Vida though...they have NO Mexican food up here in Canada! Cute pictures of Bridal Veil Falls too, I have never been there, it looks so nice!