Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I have to share a silly story.

Corban came storming in the house yesterday and started rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer. I question, "What do you need?"
No answer.
"Are you looking for a marker?" I say. (Don't ask me I just started naming things.)
He holds out a rock and starts off, "C. O . . ."
I cut him off, "You want me to write your name on the rock?" (I am thinking, "how cute!")
"No, mom. C. O. W. Cawalk. Cowock. Rock."
I finally get what is going on. "You want me to write rock on the rock?"
He nods his head.
He has known his Alphabet and the sound each letter makes for some time now, but lately he is starting to realize the letters make words. When we read I point to words and sound them out (Rebecca said I remind her of the guy on "Between the Lions.") He attempts to spell things (like the above example) and he will notice certain letters together in words. Naturally, any word with C. O. at the beginning is Corban. He knows the teenage trick already- the least amount of work for the best grade. Once he sees the C. O. regardless of the remaining letters he happily says, "Corban!" Such a cutie!


Plowmanators said...

That is so funny! I am jealous of nursery age...only 1.5 more months!

Amanda Fullerton said...

I love it! He is so clever! :)

Brian Family said...

He is silly!! I love the things that kids do - they are just so innocent. Ok both of your kids have the prettiest eyes!! Darling!