Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know, two posts in one day! Is it too much? I have been doing that with more frequency lately ...
Anyway I had to share some fantastic moments from today. Oh, Corban how you make me laugh! This first picture is Corban sitting in his wheelbarrow. He started playing in the water and as usual, he stripped to the buff and ran inside to get his swimsuit. There is something about wet clothes that he hates, he must remove them. Sister and I started chasing him around the yard- she loves to play chase. He lost interest and went back to playing in the water. He filled his bucket and tried to sit in it. Then decided the wheelbarrow was a more comfortable fit and proceeded to fill it to the brim then place it in his designated sitting area and just look around. I invited him to chase us and he replies, "No mom, I'm busy." He looks around and then gets up decides he needs more water and repeats his process. Anytime I attempt to "bother" him I get the same reply, "No mom, I'm busy." The video is my attempt to get him to drink his entire glass of water. He will often take a few gulps and then leave a glass 3/4 full. So an ingenius idea pops into my head. I grab a glass fill it with agua and announce, "Ladies and Gentleman, would you like to see this glass of water dissappear?"
He smiles, "yes."
Then I chugg the water and say "Ta-Da" placing the empty glass on my hand. He laughs and naturally wants a turn. I put less water, but still you can see him trying to hurry and swallow the remaining mouthfull he has- he just wanted the empty glass. He is so dang cute!


Connie said...

Corban is a true magician and you're a genius. Get that water in that active boy!

Gordon E. said...

Kids and water. A match made in heaven. "Ta-da" is a great motivater. Good thinking.