Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remember the good old days, when your parents would roll out a long sheet pf plastic, wet it down, and then expect you to jump and slide onto it? Instantly changed into swimwear, all the neighbor kids would come over and form a H U G E line screaming and hollering as each kid took his/her turn. Ah, the good ol' days of Clinton.

Thanks to Adalyn (ok, include Grandma Connie and Aunt Camille) my kids now have some similar memories, only their experience has a much cooler slip-n-slide. I remember ours was just a big piece of yellow (or maybe blue) plastic with the hose laying on it (heaven forbide you hit a dry patch, ouch!)

Connie and Camille THANK YOU bunches! We are grateful that you were willing to herd our children around the back yard so we could go on a "shooting spree." (Take that Soda Can! Vili, I hope your leg wound heals quickly- you can shake your fist at Dan if you like.)


Gordon E. said...

Oh the memories of slip and slide. Kids love them. Love the photos.

Connie said...

Corban can also thank Adalyn for the cute pajamas and "big girl" pants! He did look cute. Hope Dad was OK with it! It was sure a lot of fun to see all the kids, especially Corban, enjoy the water.