Thursday, August 28, 2008

Only Because I Love You, Ash.

Tag! I'm it. I was tagged by Ashley

Here are the rules:
~Link the person who tagged you.~
~ Mention the rules on your blog.~
~ Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.~
~ Tag fellow bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they have been tagged.~ (I am too lazy to do the latter- you will understand when you see who I tagged.)

Oh, man. Where to begin? I really don't have anything to report. . . or do I? I don't know. This is harder than you think. I just feel silly.

1. I don't like people to watch me sing. I would rather be like the wizard behind the curtain. I am happy to sing, don't get me wrong, but I hate thinking of people watching me. You can imagine my feelings about being the sacrament chorister.

2. I LOVE to eat semi-sweet chocolate chips. We keep (OK, I keep) a GIANT bag (thank you, Costco) in the freezer. In cookie dough, straight from the bag, I have no preference. I love cookie dough. I love chocolate.

3. Don't worry Ashley. I too get online daily- maybe "addicted," maybe I am just used to having it around. I remember getting online all the time in Jr High- (Hey old Internet buddies, Melissa, Bryce, etc.)
I would probably go into withdrawals if I had to go more than a week without it. I use it for so many things- communication, journal writing, family history, searches (phone numbers, people, pictures, ideas, videos,) blogging, banking, bill pay, etc. Yay for Computers! I am so glad I live now.

4. I love learning about life in different time periods. It makes me more grateful to live in this day and age. We have it better than so many that came before us- running water, toilets, washing machines, grocery stores, technology, automobiles, paved roads, etc. I often joke about being glad I didn't have to give birth hanging on to a tree branch (and without an epidural.)

5. My favorite shows to watch- BBC period mini-series. Everyone probably already knows this. I have always wanted to get a regency style dress that looks modern enough I can wear it to church or something. (please, you can stop with the laughing.) Maybe Ashley's mom can find a pattern, or better yet, I could pay her to create my vision. :) ha.
Speaking of movies, Dave and I have never been able to watch The Princess Bride together- collectively we know ALL the lines and it just got too irritating for me. It's been almost 5 years. Maybe it's time we try again. :)

6. I love to make up silly songs with the kids- this it may be genetic defect. Ok. It's not a defect. It is fun. (Mom and sisters-Sound familiar. Good old song writing in the car while waiting for our "beloved" turn at piano lessons. 5AM. What were we thinking? Actually, I love those memories. Too bad, piano skills aren't included in those memories.)

Boy, that was embarrassing. Enough. Well. Now that you know how lame I am . . . I tag Lindsay, Rebecca, Brad, Matt, Jill, Candice, Camille, Michelle, Andrea, Jodi, Jessica, Tiff, Melissa, Val.
(Ok. I know that is way too many. I hate tagging people. I never know who wants in.
It's hard to tell who would want to comply- if you see your name and don't care to reply just pretend it isn't there. If your name is somehow MIA and you find exploiting your quirks a fun activity then just consider yourself tagged. You can even email me and I will discreetly add your name.)

Wow, I ramble. (Matt, I apologize. I know I have terrible sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc. I should read a book about how to write in English)


Ashley said...

Yeah! You actually did it! I didn't think you would! Thanks for the insights on your crazy life! Makes me think I am not the only one who is crazy! Love ya!

Amanda Fullerton said...

I love learning about people! :) I'm glad you're not the only one from Ashley's tag list that did this. :)