Sunday, August 3, 2008

I LoVe My KiDs!!!

I will be the first to admit my kids can be cRaZy! But when they are cute, they are CUTE!

Today I subbed in Nursery again and Corban was sitting quietly doing puzzles. He finished his and then quietly reached over and tapped the kid sitting next to him. "Excuse me," he says, then he asks the boy if he wants to trade puzzles. It was so cute. He also sang the old school theme to "scooby doo" on our return trip from the bathroom. He definitely has a mind of his own.

Here are a few pics from my phone today. I took them during music time in nursery. Corban insists on helping out the sister that does singing time- note, she is 7 months pregnant. Isabelle just zones out and watches when she doesn't know the song.

Last week on one of our walks he thought he was in the way of some people. He said, "Sorry" and veered out far enough that the man looked at me with questioning eyes. I said, "He thought he was in your way." The man laughed and said how cute it was for Corban to say sorry and try to get out fo the way.

I think my favorite activity lately is just to make my kids laugh. They love being chased around the yard. Sometimes I get too caught up in keeping order that I forget to just have fun and enjoy being with the kids. It is something I am working on. I don't want all their memories to be of me cleaning and getting after them. I want them to remember smiling and laughing and being happy with me. I hope I can find the balance of keeping on top of everything and still being happy and fun.

I need to record Izzy talking. She is very verbal now. She loves attempting new words. It is so fun to communicate with her now. She can tell you sounds for animals. She will answer with her version of the word yes. Some words she uses regularly are mess, dad, momma, grandma, grandpa, Nina, ouk (Out), up, down, bruhd(brother), teeth (when she wants to brush them), head, hat, hair, eyes, tickle, dog, kitty, I love you (it sounds like "I you" and she tries to sign it), chocolate, candy, cereal, etc. She even said Daniel!

I am so grateful to be a mom!
Thank you DAVE for making it possible for me to stay home with our kids!


Connie said...

There's nothing like being able to stay home with your kids. I know that often times the family has to give up material things for mom to stay home. Just ask my kids. But it's so worth it. Motherhood is the hardest and the most joyful career in the world! Enjoy Corban and Isabelle while you can. They will grow up way too fast.

Becca said...

I can see how wonderful your kids are because you are constantly around to mother them! It is a blessing that you are there for them and they are both gorgeous sweeties.

Gordon E. said...

Isabelle in the nursery. STOP, turn the clock back. Say it isn't so.
I am so happy they love to sing. Cute picture.

marianne said...

I am so happy that you get to stay home with your little kiddo's now! They are growing so fast and are darling. Is that one of the Gurney kids on the blanket by Izzy? It sure looks like one.

Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

Hey Rach,
It is so good to see how you are doing. You look so good and so happy!! Thanks for finding me and inviting me to your blog!

Marc & Becky said...

your awesome you remembered! Ya it was yesterday, 26 feels old cause its so much closer to 30 than 25 haha how have you and your family been? I love looking at your blog, I love the things you write!!

Lindsay said...

Such cute stories. Corban and Isabelle are so funny. You are teaching Corban to be such a gentleman!


What a great tribute to your kids. They are so cute and are growing up so fast. It is wonderful that Dave has given you the opportunity to stay home and be a part of every aspect of their lives.

Busty LaRue said...

That is so cute! I love staying home with Marshall. And I'm so glad that I still can. I also can't believe how good your kids are in nursery! What's your secret?? Marshy HATES it. In fact, we had to go home today because he got so worked up about it that he was shaking.