Sunday, August 31, 2008

Goodbye Chorister, Hello Music Leader . . .

(Wait? Isn't that the same thing?)

Today I was released from my calling as Sacrament Meeting Chorister.
I am actually going to miss this calling- I love the hymns, I love working with Elaine (Organist), and I enjoy people watching from up on the stand.
I will not miss everyone looking at me. I will not miss the kids acting crazy while I am leading. Well, they weren't always crazy. One meeting when Corban stayed home, Izzy was sitting alone on the front bench. She actually sat there the entire meeting. It must have been a miracle. Another time Corban crept up to the stand, grabbed a second music stand (conveniently there were 2 up there that week) and he opened a hymn book and started leading with me. There wasn't much I could do at this point, we were singing the final verse so I just continued leading to the end of the song. I escorted him back down afterwords and talked to him about staying on the bench. It was sure cute. He always manages to be adorable and a stinker at the same time.

I was sustained today as the Junior Primary/Nursery Music Leader. It is going to be soooo fun to work with little kids! They are all under eight. I love working with groups of children. I just hope I can be successful at keeping their attention and helping them learn the words and still have fun and make it enjoyable for them. (The Primary Program is in October.)

So I would LOVE any ideas of how you (or someone you know) found fun/exciting ways to teach children? How have you taught and still made it fun?


Gordon E. said...

You will be a wonderful Junior Primary/Nursery Music leader. It is the most coveted position in the church. Junior primary kids love rhythm stuff. I used to have a stack of cheap plastic rhythm makers for the song "Book of Mormon Stories." Fun stuff. You have a vivid imagination and I am sure you will think of very fun ways to teach the gospel through singing.

Becca said...

Congratulations on your new position. It is always nice to change things up.

Kids like anything that lets them be silly. "My" primary kids have liked being blindfolded and the chimes (which we used with the song Called to Serve- you could borrow some from Ruby!) I also try and use as many of the kids as possible. I am in a new Primary Presidency and we are writing each child's name on a popsicle stick- so we can assure that each child gets a turn. On Sunday, our president had a great sharing time idea involving the Olympics (go for the gold). Celestial kingdom was gold of course! Call me!

Lindsay said...

I was also blessed with your same calling, and in two different wards at that! I have a book you can borrow for ideas on teaching the songs. Also, I might have some boards and such you can borrow.

Kristin said...

Rachy I have been the primary chorister in 3 different wards so needless to say I have lots of ideas and tons of my activities that I prepared saved. So next time we hang out I can give you the ideas!
HEY when are you going to add my Blog to your list??????
Just kidding
Love ya