Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Scream! You Scream!

We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Does this Ice Cream make me look fat?

Goodbye Chorister, Hello Music Leader . . .

(Wait? Isn't that the same thing?)

Today I was released from my calling as Sacrament Meeting Chorister.
I am actually going to miss this calling- I love the hymns, I love working with Elaine (Organist), and I enjoy people watching from up on the stand.
I will not miss everyone looking at me. I will not miss the kids acting crazy while I am leading. Well, they weren't always crazy. One meeting when Corban stayed home, Izzy was sitting alone on the front bench. She actually sat there the entire meeting. It must have been a miracle. Another time Corban crept up to the stand, grabbed a second music stand (conveniently there were 2 up there that week) and he opened a hymn book and started leading with me. There wasn't much I could do at this point, we were singing the final verse so I just continued leading to the end of the song. I escorted him back down afterwords and talked to him about staying on the bench. It was sure cute. He always manages to be adorable and a stinker at the same time.

I was sustained today as the Junior Primary/Nursery Music Leader. It is going to be soooo fun to work with little kids! They are all under eight. I love working with groups of children. I just hope I can be successful at keeping their attention and helping them learn the words and still have fun and make it enjoyable for them. (The Primary Program is in October.)

So I would LOVE any ideas of how you (or someone you know) found fun/exciting ways to teach children? How have you taught and still made it fun?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Only Because I Love You, Ash.

Tag! I'm it. I was tagged by Ashley

Here are the rules:
~Link the person who tagged you.~
~ Mention the rules on your blog.~
~ Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.~
~ Tag fellow bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blog letting them know they have been tagged.~ (I am too lazy to do the latter- you will understand when you see who I tagged.)

Oh, man. Where to begin? I really don't have anything to report. . . or do I? I don't know. This is harder than you think. I just feel silly.

1. I don't like people to watch me sing. I would rather be like the wizard behind the curtain. I am happy to sing, don't get me wrong, but I hate thinking of people watching me. You can imagine my feelings about being the sacrament chorister.

2. I LOVE to eat semi-sweet chocolate chips. We keep (OK, I keep) a GIANT bag (thank you, Costco) in the freezer. In cookie dough, straight from the bag, I have no preference. I love cookie dough. I love chocolate.

3. Don't worry Ashley. I too get online daily- maybe "addicted," maybe I am just used to having it around. I remember getting online all the time in Jr High- (Hey old Internet buddies, Melissa, Bryce, etc.)
I would probably go into withdrawals if I had to go more than a week without it. I use it for so many things- communication, journal writing, family history, searches (phone numbers, people, pictures, ideas, videos,) blogging, banking, bill pay, etc. Yay for Computers! I am so glad I live now.

4. I love learning about life in different time periods. It makes me more grateful to live in this day and age. We have it better than so many that came before us- running water, toilets, washing machines, grocery stores, technology, automobiles, paved roads, etc. I often joke about being glad I didn't have to give birth hanging on to a tree branch (and without an epidural.)

5. My favorite shows to watch- BBC period mini-series. Everyone probably already knows this. I have always wanted to get a regency style dress that looks modern enough I can wear it to church or something. (please, you can stop with the laughing.) Maybe Ashley's mom can find a pattern, or better yet, I could pay her to create my vision. :) ha.
Speaking of movies, Dave and I have never been able to watch The Princess Bride together- collectively we know ALL the lines and it just got too irritating for me. It's been almost 5 years. Maybe it's time we try again. :)

6. I love to make up silly songs with the kids- this it may be genetic defect. Ok. It's not a defect. It is fun. (Mom and sisters-Sound familiar. Good old song writing in the car while waiting for our "beloved" turn at piano lessons. 5AM. What were we thinking? Actually, I love those memories. Too bad, piano skills aren't included in those memories.)

Boy, that was embarrassing. Enough. Well. Now that you know how lame I am . . . I tag Lindsay, Rebecca, Brad, Matt, Jill, Candice, Camille, Michelle, Andrea, Jodi, Jessica, Tiff, Melissa, Val.
(Ok. I know that is way too many. I hate tagging people. I never know who wants in.
It's hard to tell who would want to comply- if you see your name and don't care to reply just pretend it isn't there. If your name is somehow MIA and you find exploiting your quirks a fun activity then just consider yourself tagged. You can even email me and I will discreetly add your name.)

Wow, I ramble. (Matt, I apologize. I know I have terrible sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc. I should read a book about how to write in English)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a BOY!

He is so sweet. I was able to spend most of today with Lindsay and Ian. Oh, he is cute.

Congratulations Lindsay and Jeff! I love you! Corban sure loves baby "and"- he will learn to say Ian eventually. :) He can't stop talking about him. When I opened your blog he ran over to check out the pictures of baby "and." So cute!

Monday, August 25, 2008

This Bike is Awesome!

Dave has done it again. Here is his latest project. Beautiful!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The great outdoors and ghosts.

The last week the kids have spent great amounts of time outdoors. They can't get enough!
We have been lucky enough to have extra kids over. I love having friends to hang out with Corban. It makes such a difference in his behavior. It seems, when he sees that all kids have rules and most of them are compliant, that he decides to follow suit. We had Abby, Matthew, and Mason over yesterday and everyone got along wondefully! I love when kids get along.
Brooklyn came on some errands with us on Monday. I haven't heard that much giggling in ages. They were laughing and laughing- in the car, at the dinner table, chasing "ghosts" in the front room. :)

Corban LOVES to play like there are ghosts to hide from and chase. Don't ask me. I don't know why he loves to play ghosts so often. The only explanation I can think of- he likes Scooby Doo. So we have a game that we take turns crawling over to were this alleged ghost is (usually behind the couch) "wrestle" the ghost and then escape back to the others. We were taking turns on Monday and Izzy slid off the couch and hurried to get a turn before someone else went. She is just getting so big! She loves to pretend. What a smart girl.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Trekking for Kids

Tanzania Trek 2008 – Mt. Kilimanjaro
A sister from our ward, Tricia Donaldson, is preparing to visit an orphanage in Tanzania on the first of September with Trekking for Kids. She is in charge of operations and logistics for the organization.

If anyone has gently used boys clothing (children sizes) they could donate, the kids would love it. She says there clothes are in pretty terrible shape. There are 45 boys and she said is looking for "any size boy clothing from size 5 and up- pants, short and long sleeved shirts, shorts, socks, light jackets like sweatshirts." She needs them before the end of the month. So while you are getting your kids ready for back to school please consider donating.

From the "About Us" page on their website:
Trekking for Kids is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose goal is to organize purpose-driven treks in the world’s most remote locations to raise funds for needy orphanages in the areas in which the treks take place.
Each year Trekking for Kids organizes at least one trek on a different continent, leaving behind tangible contributions to improve the lives of orphans living in the areas where the treks take place.
Each Trekker funds his/her own travel expenses and also commits to raising a pre-set financial contribution for each kilometer he/she treks. The funds raised by all Trekkers are pooled together and used in their entirety to help a pre-determined, needy orphanage located in the area in which the trek takes place.
We invite you to learn about
our trekkking expeditions and how you can either make a donation or join our team.

we got a pool!

We didn't get a pool.
Sometimes Corban gets confused.

Poor Izzy went to sit on the porch today and bounced forward somehow- a spring in her diaper perhaps? Poor girl. She is feeling much better now, but her battle wounds still show.

P.S. I know I am posting much more frequently. I am beginning to use this blog like a journal of our daily musings, and I am planning on turning the blog into a book once a year or something (thanks Jodi for the idea). So, since I am not the scrapbooking type you get more updates. I hope you don't get too bored. I guess you can always stop reading. :) But I hope you keeping checking on us. Thanks!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend

The kids and I spent Friday night at my parents. My uncle Gary and his kids (Ryan, Jason, and Lauren) came over to party. It was so fun to catch up and share in Jason's 16th birthday celebration. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa Droubay were in attendance.

The next day my mom, grandma, Corban, Isabelle, and I went up to Snowbasin. We rode the tram up to the restaurant and had an incredible hamburger, salad, and/or chicken. It was great fun and we got to see all the commotion from the triathlon.

(I forgot my camera, so the pictures are not great. Thank goodness for my phone.)


Kids. One moment they're like Medea having a bad mood swing, the next they are God-kissed angels. -Harlan Coben (The Woods)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Exercise, Anyone?

Ok I am reposting this because I found a great post about being fat.

I am still working on my said goal . . . I think I can, I think I can!

When you are done reading my lame post go here . . . This lady is Funny!

Now that swimsuit season is drawing to a close . . .

I find it an excellent chance to consider losing some weight.

Embarrassing as this is, if I put myself out here, then I will have more pressure to follow through with my goals. So, here I am. It's just me, Rachy. I am tired of seeing myself in photos and wishing I could photoshop myself out. Plus, it would be nice if my clothes fit better. hahaha.
Now is as good a time as any, right?
I am ready to lose some weight.

My goal=30 pounds

I think 30 lbs is a reasonable weight loss target. Ideally want to lose 40- that would put me at my pre-pregnancies weight. So if I shoot for 30 and lose more, that is ok with me. :) I have been doing Yoga with Danielle for 2 weeks now on m.w.f. and now Laurelyn started coming. This morning I started walking with Laurelyn and Brenda up to the water tower. Getting out walked by a pregnant woman is not something I am proud of. My only consolation was the fact that she and Laurelyn have been walking up this mountain side for 5 years.

Wow, I am out of shape.

Ok. I am a shape, just not the one I want to be.

A few of you know my caterpillar joke, but I am tired of being a caterpillar.
I am eating better and trying to moderate treats. I try to stop eating by 7pm. I am a night snacker so that is hard, but it is getting easier. I am not going to cut out treats all together, just keep to small portions and I might even enjoy the treats better- I will be forced to savor them.

What have you done to lose weight or eat healthier?
I would love to hear ideas, stories, successes, failures, etc. Please share. You could even publicly share your own goals. Anything you like.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remember the good old days, when your parents would roll out a long sheet pf plastic, wet it down, and then expect you to jump and slide onto it? Instantly changed into swimwear, all the neighbor kids would come over and form a H U G E line screaming and hollering as each kid took his/her turn. Ah, the good ol' days of Clinton.

Thanks to Adalyn (ok, include Grandma Connie and Aunt Camille) my kids now have some similar memories, only their experience has a much cooler slip-n-slide. I remember ours was just a big piece of yellow (or maybe blue) plastic with the hose laying on it (heaven forbide you hit a dry patch, ouch!)

Connie and Camille THANK YOU bunches! We are grateful that you were willing to herd our children around the back yard so we could go on a "shooting spree." (Take that Soda Can! Vili, I hope your leg wound heals quickly- you can shake your fist at Dan if you like.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know, two posts in one day! Is it too much? I have been doing that with more frequency lately ...
Anyway I had to share some fantastic moments from today. Oh, Corban how you make me laugh! This first picture is Corban sitting in his wheelbarrow. He started playing in the water and as usual, he stripped to the buff and ran inside to get his swimsuit. There is something about wet clothes that he hates, he must remove them. Sister and I started chasing him around the yard- she loves to play chase. He lost interest and went back to playing in the water. He filled his bucket and tried to sit in it. Then decided the wheelbarrow was a more comfortable fit and proceeded to fill it to the brim then place it in his designated sitting area and just look around. I invited him to chase us and he replies, "No mom, I'm busy." He looks around and then gets up decides he needs more water and repeats his process. Anytime I attempt to "bother" him I get the same reply, "No mom, I'm busy." The video is my attempt to get him to drink his entire glass of water. He will often take a few gulps and then leave a glass 3/4 full. So an ingenius idea pops into my head. I grab a glass fill it with agua and announce, "Ladies and Gentleman, would you like to see this glass of water dissappear?"
He smiles, "yes."
Then I chugg the water and say "Ta-Da" placing the empty glass on my hand. He laughs and naturally wants a turn. I put less water, but still you can see him trying to hurry and swallow the remaining mouthfull he has- he just wanted the empty glass. He is so dang cute!

That is some kiss!

I can just hear her thinking, "Someone PLEASE help me."Grandma Connie took these wonderful pictures.
I just love the way Corban is distorting Izzy in that loving kiss.

At least Corban was looking at the camera. Silly boy.
I love Izzy's farmer tan. It is almost as fantastic as mine!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I LoVe My KiDs!!!

I will be the first to admit my kids can be cRaZy! But when they are cute, they are CUTE!

Today I subbed in Nursery again and Corban was sitting quietly doing puzzles. He finished his and then quietly reached over and tapped the kid sitting next to him. "Excuse me," he says, then he asks the boy if he wants to trade puzzles. It was so cute. He also sang the old school theme to "scooby doo" on our return trip from the bathroom. He definitely has a mind of his own.

Here are a few pics from my phone today. I took them during music time in nursery. Corban insists on helping out the sister that does singing time- note, she is 7 months pregnant. Isabelle just zones out and watches when she doesn't know the song.

Last week on one of our walks he thought he was in the way of some people. He said, "Sorry" and veered out far enough that the man looked at me with questioning eyes. I said, "He thought he was in your way." The man laughed and said how cute it was for Corban to say sorry and try to get out fo the way.

I think my favorite activity lately is just to make my kids laugh. They love being chased around the yard. Sometimes I get too caught up in keeping order that I forget to just have fun and enjoy being with the kids. It is something I am working on. I don't want all their memories to be of me cleaning and getting after them. I want them to remember smiling and laughing and being happy with me. I hope I can find the balance of keeping on top of everything and still being happy and fun.

I need to record Izzy talking. She is very verbal now. She loves attempting new words. It is so fun to communicate with her now. She can tell you sounds for animals. She will answer with her version of the word yes. Some words she uses regularly are mess, dad, momma, grandma, grandpa, Nina, ouk (Out), up, down, bruhd(brother), teeth (when she wants to brush them), head, hat, hair, eyes, tickle, dog, kitty, I love you (it sounds like "I you" and she tries to sign it), chocolate, candy, cereal, etc. She even said Daniel!

I am so grateful to be a mom!
Thank you DAVE for making it possible for me to stay home with our kids!