Thursday, July 10, 2008

This week in a nutshell . . .

David with the kids at Deer Creek. Thank You, Candice and Andy!

Last weekend they invited us to play on the wave runners.

I really love wave runners thanks to my dad- he used to take us out to Easy Canyon Res.

Isabelle likes motorized vehicles nearly as much as Corban. I took her out for a ride and she laid back like she does with Dave on the three-wheeler. She LOVES the water. Anytime we removed her from the lake she would squeal in protest. Dave is such a great Daddy! (I forgot my camera, but luckily I had my phone.)

Saturday- We also had fun at the birthday party for Jacob, Emily, and Keiti. Happy Birthday! I was self-conscious about parading around in my swimsuit trying to coax Corban (and Em and Cy) to go on the slide. It was an experience- I felt like Fezzick climbing the Cliffs of Insanity "I'm carrying three people . . . " It was entertaining to say the least.

I was shocked that Corban didn't want to play on the slide longer. He went two times and called it quits. Isabelle wanted to steal Keiti's new princess chair!

Sunday we went to Roy to celelbrate my dad's birthday- who happens to share July 5th with the others- (4 birthdays in one day, wow!) It was fun to watch dad play with the grandkids. I forgot my camera (again). Oops.

I love you Daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dave and I went to Range Masters to shoot targets Tuesday night. It was great fun. I haven't dealt much with guns in the past, but must admit I was pretty much amazing. Dave was only ok. What can I say? I am just a better marksman.

Oh, I wish that were true. I did ok for my 1st visit, and now I have my own gun I won't have to rent anymore. Dave surprised me with the Springfield 9mm Sub-Compact 3" XD pistol.

Now I can totally protect my family from the attic man! I love this gun because of all the safety features and it has less kick than the .40. It was actually fun to go shoot, and I figure if there are going to be guns in my house then I need to be comfortable with them and familiar with using them. (Yes, we have a gun safe. That is very necessary.) I am glad that Dave convinced me to take the Concealed weapons class. It taught me so much. I used to be extremely anti-gun. I think I was afraid of them. Anyway, I don't need to waste this post explaining my change of mind. They are fine for protection and if someone wants to be a hunter that is fine- No hunting for me though.

Wednesday the kids and I went to Clearfield to visit my grandparents and stay with Grandma while Grandpa went on a few errands with my mom. Grandma Velma was so good with Isabelle. She was gentle and sweet with her even when Izzy was crying.

While I was driving home I decided to take a short detour and check out or former home in Clinton. (plus, I wanted to see the Vellinga house after I had that dream their house was different- but that is another crazy story.)

Mom, Dad, Rebecca, and Lindsay- for your viewing pleasure, here is our first home (with a few minor updates) -

Well, that is our week so far, and this post is far too long.

I have been sick most the week, and the house is in s l o w recovery. It isn't terrible, just more clutter than usual. So, no, you can't come over. Sorry, I would be embarrassed.

Have a great week! <3


Gordon E. said...

Thanks for the great blog. It was not to long. Your entries always make me feel welcome on the blog, and as if I was there with you. Great photo's of your family. What a beautiful eternal family.
Mom and Dad

Connie said...

What a fun-filled week you had. The blog looks good with the birthday pictures. Hopefully by going private you won't have comments left from weird people with names of old entertainers. Glad you're feeling better

Becca said...

Wow, our old home looks better! Thanks for watching Gma Velma too. That was awesome love.

Don't ever feel self conscious in your swim suit. You look great!

It looks like you had a great time this week (if you ignore the sick part). Oh, and have fun with your uber gun skills. Will you be my bodyguard???

The Buxtons said...

I can look out my mom's living room windown right now and see your old house! Rebecca is right though, it looks better now than it has in the recent past.

Jeff Caldwell said...

Sweet firearm. It is hard to believe that you own a gun! If I ever have a stalker, I know I should come stay with. :)

marianne said...

I was so excited to hear from you! I'm glad you found my blog! I can't believe how big your kids are! Isabelle is beautiful, she looks just like you! I hardly recognized Dave!! His beard is sooo long! :)
Jason and I miss you guys. I'm glad that I have your blog to follow your family's comings and goings. I heard the ward is really different now--I hope it is still really close and as wonderful as before.
Thanks for commenting on my post, I'm going to add you on mine so we can keep in touch!!

Amanda Fullerton said...

What a great week. The creek and the slide look ~so~ fun!

About the gun. I have always been on the fence about having one myself. I'm glad you now feel comfortable to handle one and keep one close in case you ever need one.

And, thanks *again* for the invite.