Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday I heard some wonderful thoughts that really got me thinking.

The first came from the most tender-hearted girl I have ever seen. She was the youth speaker for sacrament meeting. She was pleading with everyone to use clean language. I say pleading because that is the only way I can describe what took place. What an angel. She was trying so earnestly not to cry, with little success, but she left such an impression on me. Here is this new Beehive who loves the Gospel and testifies of God and Jesus and she speaks for almost ten minutes. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. She did smile when she read this quote from her mother:

“Don't turn into a Bee, who kills himself by hurting others.”

The second thought I wanted to share came from another talk. I tried as best I could to write it down word for word.

“If we will not or should not participate in an act, why would we view it as entertainment? What makes it ok to watch? If it is a sin to do it ourselves why spend time, effort, or money for someone else to do it?”

The last thought came from our RS lesson. It was from the JS manual- ch 13- on Obedience. I had a thought that obedience is faith in action. It was a wonderful lesson and there were too many quotes to choose, but I will include this-

“When the Lord commands, do it.” (Joseph Smith)

Well, that is it. If you have anything to share I would love it!
Thanks! <3


Gordon E. said...

You go girl. A wonderful post. You have lifted my day.

Michelle Cox said...

Amen! Especially with the second quote. That's what I always say. "Would you set up a telescope to look into your neighbors' bedroom window?? No? Then why do we peep by watching sex scenes in movies? It's the same thing!" I swear, the media is turning the world into a bunch of voyeuristic people.