Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marshmallow anyone?

We had such fun on Saturday. Dave came home early and we made a makeshift firepit in the backyard. We roasted hotdogs then marshmallows for s'mores. Corban and Isabelle LOVED it! I can't wait to buy a tent and camping gear and take them camping. I have such fond memories of different camping trips throughout my life.
The only down side- We got rained out. The weather turned fierce. It was a blessing in disguise because there was a fire up Provo Canyon. I am sure the firefighters were praising God. It was crazy how it went from a warm night to crazy wind and intense downpour- even a few street signs were knocked down.


Gordon E. said...

Rachy and Dave,
Wonderful photo's. Rachael don't forget to turn the camera on you. Looks like a fun cookout. We did love our tent. Remember Flaming Gorge, Vernal, Southern Utah, Timpanogas, and camping at camp Timpoonakee? One time we even camped in Grandma Velma's back yard just so we could have one more day of camping.

Amanda Fullerton said...

Looks like fun!!! Sorry you got rained out, that's always a downer.