Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dinosaur Exhibition

Today Grandma Nina, Grandpa Dale, and Grandma Velma met us at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

It always surprises me when Corban is afraid of something. He coerced Grandma Nina into holding him on and off in the darkened rooms. I don't think she minds when a grandchild is "ccared" (scared) and wants to be huggy.

Isabelle was pointing to everything and babbling endlessly. Isabelle is becoming quite the singer. In the car we sing primary songs and such, and she has started to join Corban and me- though the words are indistinct, you can tell she is singing.


Gordon E. said...

Dinosaurs are carey. You are right, I love when he says, "carry me." Rachy, the photo's are so fun to look at, and let us relive the experience.

Becca said...

Looks like the museum was worth the trip. The kids look happy and sweet in all of the pictures.

flipp wilson said...

The Neena lady is hot

Cassie said...

That looks like fun. I need to take Abby there when we come again. We always take her to the dinosaur park in Ogden and she loves it.