Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Reunion of sorts. . .

We had such fun this week having all the DOXEY cousins together
(maybe we should have put Linsday in these pictures so baby Caldwell could be included).
My sister Rebecca and her family traveled to Utah so we had all of our family together-
Mom and Dad were very happy to get a good "grandkid fix."
Lindsay and Jeff returned from their trip early (Jeff did the Iron Man. WAY TO GO JEFF!) so they could see Becca. The kids had so much fun and were fairly well behaved the entire time. Carter and Corban sure enjoyed playing together and Isabelle loved following them around as Alayna cared for her.
(Doesn't Alayna look like Rebecca in this picture)We took the kids to the pool and they would have stayed all day. Isabelle kept trying to jump into the water (usually the deep end). We also took a train ride for the kids on Monday. We met at the Mayan in Sandy and the kids loved watching the divers. It was fun.
Corban Didn't want to leave to come home today- He wanted to stay and play with Carter and Alayna. Here are just 2 pictures and when I get a chance to take the pictures off the camera I will add more.

(Isabelle's face is great- as you can see,
she has been experimenting with squealing to get what she wants.)


Amanda Fullerton said...

How fun! It's always great to get kids together with their cousins. I'm glad you had a good time.

Becca said...

I already miss you! Our kids look great together. My kids love Corban and baby Isabelle. Thanks for being at Mom's so long!

Gordon E. said...

Grand Kid fixes are like drugs. Nothing is as inspiring to the soul as seeing your daughters be wonderful mothers. Thanks for bringing the children in for this spectacular, spectacular reunion. Dad and I appreciate very much the hugs, kisses, and love given from the grandchildren. Grandchildren are pure joy.
Mom and Dad