Monday, June 30, 2008

Privacy Please

Ok . . . After much thought, I have decided we will be going private.
I have been debating with myself for a while and I think it is just better to be safe than sorry. I hate to make everyone sign in, but I hate thinking some weirdo could be checking out all the info I have about my family. Not that any of you are weirdos. Ok, maybe a few of you. But I still love you, and will most likely invite you anyway.

So please just email me or leave a comment if you want to continue to check out our blog and in a few weeks I will send out all the invites. Thanks so much. Love you all!

The Amazing Dave

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Amazing Davey!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Keep Singing

Today we were sitting at the table eating a snack and Corban stood on his chair turned to the opened window leaned out and sang some weird "Ah-ah-ah" tune. I listened closer as he repeated himself and laughed as I asked him if he was singing "The Little Mermaid."

"Yes" and he said Ariel- but I don't even want to attempt to translate Corban into words- You can hear him say it on this short clip I was able to get a minute after the first rendition of Ariel.

The funniest thing, I can't remember the last time he watched The Little Mermaid, but it has been months. He is so cute. My little Mer-Boy.

I also have to share one more Corban Story- When I was drying Izzy's hair after their bath it was "Wild and Crazy" and Corban said "Oh, Lion"- I didn't realize how much her mane resembled a lion's.

Family Reunion of sorts. . .

We had such fun this week having all the DOXEY cousins together
(maybe we should have put Linsday in these pictures so baby Caldwell could be included).
My sister Rebecca and her family traveled to Utah so we had all of our family together-
Mom and Dad were very happy to get a good "grandkid fix."
Lindsay and Jeff returned from their trip early (Jeff did the Iron Man. WAY TO GO JEFF!) so they could see Becca. The kids had so much fun and were fairly well behaved the entire time. Carter and Corban sure enjoyed playing together and Isabelle loved following them around as Alayna cared for her.
(Doesn't Alayna look like Rebecca in this picture)We took the kids to the pool and they would have stayed all day. Isabelle kept trying to jump into the water (usually the deep end). We also took a train ride for the kids on Monday. We met at the Mayan in Sandy and the kids loved watching the divers. It was fun.
Corban Didn't want to leave to come home today- He wanted to stay and play with Carter and Alayna. Here are just 2 pictures and when I get a chance to take the pictures off the camera I will add more.

(Isabelle's face is great- as you can see,
she has been experimenting with squealing to get what she wants.)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Curse . . .

I definitely fit into the category of fair skinned. I can't even number the sunburns I have had in my life. I now use SPF 30 on my children almost daily to prevent them from having such a track record. So for all you "Pale People" I thought I would share a comic from today's paper.
The Wizard of IdIsabelle now has quite the farmer tan after she got a very minor burn last saturday. Maybe she has some hope since the burn turned to tan. Corban must take after his daddy- I can't remember him having a sunburn. Lucky.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I wanted to share some pictures of Dave's current motorbike.

If you look close at the "serial" number on the box you might be able to figure out what makes this bike so special.