Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tag: I'm It!

ABC's of ME

Rebecca Tagged me a few weeks ago. Sorry I took so long to do this Becca!

A-Advocate for: Love, Honesty, Family
B-Best Feature: Eyes
C-Could do without: Laundry. Weeds.
D-Dreams and Desires: Be a good wife and mom -raise my children to be honorable and good. Serve a mission with Dave one day. Create a fun and loving (and organized) home.
E- Essential Items: diaper bag. keys. sleep. shower (with all the fixin's), chapstick
F-Favorite Pastimes: singing or reading and any family activity. I do love going out- to the movies, hiking, or bowling. I need a DATE.
G-Good at: tickling Corban, chasing Isabelle, and misunderstanding Dan and Dave's jokes.
H-Have never tried: skydiving
I-If I had a million dollars: pay off bills, travel, fix up the house (or buy new- but not big), invest, donate.
J-Junkie for: chocolate, cheese flavored chips (doritos, cheetos, etc), my mom's cooking (potoatoes and gravy, chicken enchilladas, etc).
K-Kindred Spirit: My mom! my sisters, Gina, Laurelyn
L-Little Known Fact: I wish I knew how to garden.
M-Memorable Moments: Wedding Day and when my kids were born. And when Corban broke his leg.
N-Never Again will I: eat asparagus
O-Occasional indulgence: bacon . . . mmm
P-Profession: SAHM
Q-Quote: "Try again, Sister"- Corban Langston
R-Reason to Smile: Family.
S-Sorry About: Stupid Mistakes
T-Tag some friends: If I must!- Jill, Andrea, whoever wants to spend too long filling out this silly thing.
U-Uninterested In: Watching sports on TV
V-Very Scared of: I don't know
W-Worst Habit: collecting clutter
X-X marks my ideal vacation spot: England- who am I kidding? I want to travel the globe. Let's just say Earth.
Y-Yummiest Dessert: Cookie dough and brownies!
Z-Zodiac Sign: Libra- I like balance

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