Friday, May 30, 2008


Corban had his last day of school yesterday. Last week they held a graduation/celebration where Corban was awarded the title of "most energetic"- surprise, surprise. Isabelle quickly grew tired of the ceremony, as you can see from her picture.


Amanda Fullerton said...

Most energetic is sometimes a good thing! :) I love seeing pics of your kids, they're so cute.

Connie said...

We know what most energetic means - running through freshly poured cement, jumping for hours on the trampoline, running where ever he wants to go, and being so cute it's worth the challenge of trying to catch him to give him a hug!

Gordon E. said...

Rachy, I love you photos on of the trip. Always good for a marriage to get away for a few days. The children are beautiful. Love you lots, Mom