Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This Girl was Made for Walking

Yesterday we had another freak snow storm- there is still a thin layer on the ground today. We were headed to the library and suddenly it was a blizzard. It was coming down so hard I decided to ditch the stroller (it would be covered by the time I unfolded it.) We hurried across the car lot and through the doors. Without the stroller Isabelle insisted on walking. Then I had to insist on carrying her to the car.

It is so fun to watch Izzy show off her walking skills every chance she gets. She is more ambitious about walking than ever. She falls and stumbles but pushes herself up again and again. I wish I could bottle up that persistence. Kids are wonderful. She walks around the corner bringing her toothy grin. I can't help but smile.

Isabelle would not leave Corban's bag alone today, so I put it on her small little body. The problem came when I thought to take it off. She was upset and cried until the bag was in her possession again. She carried (dragged) it down the stairs and took it to the play room. Once she sets her mind on something she persists until it is her own . . . or until something better comes along. She is growing so fast- walking, mimicking, and even trying to sing. We love her so much.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

For the Grandparents

I love that Corban enjoys singing (Side note: He enjoys his singing and NOT mine. If I start singing it usually isn't long before he is saying "stop singing!" What do you do?)

So you will notice that this is a unique version or Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. During the first line he changes his mind and starts immediately into the chant like song-about the monkeys and the alligator (reminds me of monkeys jumping on the bed but it is more exciting)

I will put the words so you can understand him better.

5 little monkeys swinging in tree/teasing Mr Alligator/can't catch me/you can't catch me/Along comes Mr Alligator quiet as can be/And SNAPS that monkey right out of that tree!

(Izzy loved this song! She laughs every time the snap comes)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008