Thursday, March 20, 2008

There goes my baby!

Today our cute Corban got on the bus and left us . . . for a few hours.
It was his first day at preschool. He was so dang cute. I was afraid he wouldn't want to leave when the moment came, but I practially had to run down the drive to catch him (and force him to give me a kiss.)
I was definitely more worried than he. He had such a great time. The bus driver did say he "is very . . . active." Duh. :)
His teacher reported mostly good news, and he was in a great mood when he returned home. He loves playing with kids and learning new things. We are so excited for him to have this opportunity.
I was anxious the whole time he was gone. Obviously, I have never handed him over to "strangers" before, so I was a bit aprehensive. His teacher appears to be so fantastic. You can see the genuine love she has for the kids, no matter what their situtaion. I am grateful the school district has such a great program and that they are very involved with the parents- which makes me feel better.
Things all turned out well- though I did keep looking down the street the last 15 minutes before the bus returned him. Such a fun first day for him.


Gordon E. said...

I am crying a little. Corban is getting so big. Take a photo with the Ninja Turtle backback on his back. I am glad he loved his first day.
Happy Birthday DAVE.

Lindsay said...

Tell Dave Happy Birthday for me.

I am so excited for Corban going to Preschool!

Michelle Cox said...

Wow! That is a big step! I felt the same way when Caleb got on the bus the first time. Before the bus came he started to say that he didn't want to go and would hide under his bed. But, when it came, he silently, seriously, climbed into the bus. His first day was a little overwhelming (some kids were fighting at school), but loves it now.