Thursday, February 7, 2008

Since Brad broke the news. . . .I'll tell

Brad, how did you hear about that?!
Nevertheless, the rumors are true. We have mold! I was going to wait to spill the beans when I post pictures of the finished bathrooms. I took 'before' pictures and will post before/after shots when they are completed. We have to treat both bathrooms.

The good news- I always hated the linoleum in the upstairs bathroom. Really, the linoleum in there was white with a shiny gold "cracks" pattern. Who picked that out? I guess it "matched" the rest of our quirky house. The people that lived here before did some interesting things. (Think wierd shelving everywhere and pencil sharpeners in ever closet- but maybe they needed to sharpen alot of pencils.) This way I get new linoleum. Too bad the mold didn't require new countertops . . . :)

The bad news-
We have mold, eww!
It sure explains why Dan had such bad asthma attacks when he would stay here. (Sorry Dan.)
The upstairs bathroom had a slow leak (probably a drip) into the downstairs bathroom- over the years I guess mold decided it could set up camp and get cozy. We should have both bathrooms back by next Thursday. I am so glad that the insurance covered it. We will have to come up with the deductible . . . but it's definitely worth it to make my house safe for my family. I am glad we found it. Better now than never.


Becca said...

Where are you staying while your bathrooms are remodeled? Good luck with everything. I am used to mold, moss and mildew here in Oregon. It is everywhere in the air!

Brad said...

Well, in the video of Isabelle walking around the kitchen, you can hear (I'm assuming) you, Rachy, talking on the phone and say something about "" I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to your cute daughter :)

Rachy Maree said...

Yep, that was me talking. I did hesitate to put the video because I was talking on the phone, you are just so observant! But- the walking was too cute, and I didn't know how to mute the volume. Oh, well! I guess I should have labeled this post "Since I broke the news."

linda trip said...

Maybe Brad should pay more attention to himself, rather than telling bad news about good people. Unless he really likes this Rachy Maree.