Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthday GiRl!!!

Our little sweetie Isabelle turned 1 on Feb 1st!
UpDaTes and RaNdOm Info:
She has 6 teeth with 4 molars on the way!
She LOVES the stairs.
She will eat almost anything you give her (obviously)
If Dave is around she doesn't want anything to with ANYONE else.
She loves to laugh.

Here is the pregression of her cake eating.

Thank you so much to everyone that came to celebrate with us. Thank you for the fantastic gifts and thank you for sharing a fun night with us!

I can hardly believe she is a year old! Time sure flies.

I remember driving to the hospital in my flip-flops (because I thought it was a false alarm). Dave was at home with Corban, but then I was admitted and he had to call Grandma Connie to come stay with Corban. :)
Isabelle is so patient and loving. She just started "cuddling" when you hold her. She lays her head down near your shoulder- and and grins at people with that cute little smirk!

Our speedy crawler now likes to attempt walking around the furniture. She is so precious!

I have been promising a good picture of Dave's beard . . . Here is our most recent family picture, taken Last Sunday (Feb 3)


Becca said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle. She looks very happy. I am glad she is unafraid of getting a bit dirty.

And Dave, well, he does resemble a Scottish Santa (meaning: he has red instead of a white beard.) What a cute family!

Connie said...

David, You're the man!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! She is such a doll. I am happy to hear that she performed well with her birthday cake.

Lindsay said...
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Michelle Cox said...

Happy Birthday, little Angel! Wow, that's amazing it's already a year!

Is Dave trying to look like a Sasquatch? :)

I love your hair style! That's a really nice length on you.

Michelle Cox said...

Neal's been bugging me about letting him grow a beard so he can look older. He hates it when people say, "You have THREE kids?? You're a PROFESSOR? You look too young for that!"