Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mom's everywhere (parents . . . or anyone else) read this!

"I auctioned off a dirty old, used baseball on Ebay. My auction attracted the attention of over 220,000 people and I ended up selling the ball for $1125.00! And, best of all, I received emails from thousands of people telling me that I should write a book about parenting."- Dawn
This is the story behind the "dirty old, used baseball." Click this link:
This is such a funny story. It is a bit long, but it's a laugh!


Gordon E. said...

Great story. There really are days like that. Corban bowling is so awesome, and piano playing Isabelle is amazing. Mom and Dad

Julie said...

Hey Rachael! This blogging really is so much fun! I love yours and all your cute little pictures of your kids! I think it is such a great way to keep in touch! How was the MTC with Jeanette? Crazy they have 2 kids gone now! Do you guys see Dave's family much? I can't you live by them or do you live in Salt Lake?