Thursday, January 24, 2008

Family Updates

Isabelle is getting stronger. She loves to pull herself up and stand. She is getting more independent. She also tends to express her frustrations with a scream or squeal when I try to redirect her to activities that are more safe. She is growing so fast. She has 6 teeth now and a strong jaw! (Do not put your finger into her mouth.) She also just leanned how to click her tongue. It is very cute when she crawls about clicking it and smiling. :)

Corban still insists he doesn't need a nap- but by 5 o'clock he isn't in a very good mood, or he has fallen asleep somewhere. :) He is talking better and more people can understand him. He is still not "on his best behaviour" most days, but he is learning. He starts a class tomorrow, and we will see if that helps him interact with other kids.

Dave is working hard, as usual, and his beard grows longer everyday . . . He doesn't like the camera, but I will post a picture when I can, so you can see the beard in it's "glory."
I got a sewing machine for christmas and am happy to report how much fun I am having with it. I have made a bag (for Adalyn), a skirt and a pair of PJ pants! I hope to get good enough so I can sew my own temple dress- in time- I know I am a long way off!

After living in this house for over 2 years we finally have some curtains in our front room! I am so excited. I love how it dresses up the room. My mom had some great advice on the treatment. Thanks mom (she picked out the rod, too!)


Phil and Misty Burnett said...

Rachy! I can't believe that your kids are so big! I'm glad things are going so well for you!

Lindsay said...

Very nice curtains! The kids are growing so fast.

I know that Jeff is secretly jealous of Dave's beard. Jeff wasn't blessed with the color or body of Dave's facial hair. But Jeff has been trying so hard.

Michelle Cox said...

Did you make the curtains, then? They look great! Your kids are so cute. I remember Caleb going through that nap-denial stage, and then finding him asleep in the oddest places (under the dinner table, for example). He does fine now, but on Sundays we can still usually convince him to take a nap, so can all get some rest!

Rachy Maree said...

Sorry to disappoint everyone but I did not make the curtains- JCPenney Sale-. . . Cheaper to buy than to make.:)