Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look What I Found!

Watch out for this guy in a dark alley

I heard a ruckus in the adjoining room and after a quick investigation found a wild man fighting a poor defenseless punching bag in our spare room. I am not sure who won, but I don't think it was the punching bag.
Of course, once his fight was through this mini wild man he had to re energize with his food of choice, an apple.


Lindsay said...

Lesson learned. I won't mess with Corban.

Becca said...

Looks like he needs a lesson or two. Carter sometimes goes with Marty when he goes to wrestle and box. Last time, Carter was running away from a five year old (who was trying to box him)! I am glad Carter is so fast because I don't want him to be a professional fighter yet. I remember how Carter would get so frustrated wrestling with Corban. Corban has fighting "skills" for sure!

Michelle Cox said...

I love that the gloves are almost as big as he is! And that they're on upside down!