Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crawling Forward. . . not backward.

Isabelle has been rolling and even crawling backward, but now she is ready for anything. I guess it is time to get out the baby gate.

She is getting more independent each day. I had her on the floor in my room and I was busy cleaning out my dresser (Corban was sleeping or this never would have come to pass) and she started fussing. I knew she was probably wanting food. I had given her a bottle maybe one half hour before, but it was only 6 oz and she likes at least 8oz in the afternoon. She had rolled over and grabbed the empty bottle and was trying to drink from it's emptiness. Silly girl. Smart, but silly. So she got her wish of a new bottle, of course.


Gordon E. said...

NOw you will have to really watch her. She is a mover, and loves to travel. This could be dangerous. I guess it is time to put up the gate in front of the stairs. Cute video clip. Sooo cute.

Lindsay said...

A forward crawl! She has discovered efficient travel.

Gordon E. said...

Rachy, Your hair looks beautiful in the pictures.