Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crawling Forward. . . not backward.

Isabelle has been rolling and even crawling backward, but now she is ready for anything. I guess it is time to get out the baby gate.

She is getting more independent each day. I had her on the floor in my room and I was busy cleaning out my dresser (Corban was sleeping or this never would have come to pass) and she started fussing. I knew she was probably wanting food. I had given her a bottle maybe one half hour before, but it was only 6 oz and she likes at least 8oz in the afternoon. She had rolled over and grabbed the empty bottle and was trying to drink from it's emptiness. Silly girl. Smart, but silly. So she got her wish of a new bottle, of course.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beat up by a girl?

Seeing is believing . . .

On Thursday Dave and I traveled to SLC with Dave's parents to attend the MoTab Christmas Concert. I love the King's Singers and was especially excited about the concert. (THANKS MOM!)
We were even lucky enough to run into my Dad, Jeff, and Lindsay. Connie, Andy, Dave, and I took our seats and listened intently. It was nice to have a date night and we both really enjoyed the concert, but the most exciting event of the night was yet to come. As we walked in the freezing air to the parking lot we heard a commotion while crossing a street. As the crowd parted, going their separate ways, there was a sighting that made Dave's eyes glow with anticipation. His wish came true, for he was able to finally meet Sasquatch Santa! Since seeing is believing I will include the following photo. . . Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

Check out those pearly whites!
It has been a tough month for this little sweetie, but now she is getting back to normal without all those pesky teeth pushing on her gums!
She liked being out in the snow . . . that is, until she reached over and grabbed some, then the cold made her bring out the tears. I am not sure if it was the surprise of temperature or what, but she didn't want to be outside anymore. :)
We love her so much. I do think Corban my love her the most, though he has a funny way of showing it. Example- I took Corban on an "alone time" to the dollar movies. We dropped sister off at my friend Laurelyn's and when I got back in the car and went to pull out Corban started crying- "Sister, sister." Well really he says it more like "di-sder." He cried almost the whole way to the theater, but the power of distraction is strong and finally prevailed. After the movie we went to get in the car and he started crying for her again. He wasn't pacified until she was safe in the car with us again! Corban can be so sweet.

Look What I Found!

Watch out for this guy in a dark alley

I heard a ruckus in the adjoining room and after a quick investigation found a wild man fighting a poor defenseless punching bag in our spare room. I am not sure who won, but I don't think it was the punching bag.
Of course, once his fight was through this mini wild man he had to re energize with his food of choice, an apple.