Monday, October 1, 2007

NY Fashion Week

While reading the paper I ran across an article about Modesty at NY Fashion week. Rather interesting subject, so after finishing my Deseret Morning News I hopped online to look for myself. Though modesty was not adopted in full (haha), there were a variety of tasteful, beautiful, weird, ugly, and silly modest pieces. Check out the links if you want more but here are some of the good and the ugly. . . what were they thinking. My favorite. . .the man shorts, of course. Hahahaha.


Becca said...

Lady Bill Clinton is the funniest ever! I love your blog template overhaul. It looks great and it's fun to read!

Lindsay said...

I also like the new blog layout. Red is so you.

Hooray for modesty! I really think everyone looks better (no matter what body size) when they cover up.

The man daisy dukes are pretty disgusting- so 1980s.

Michelle Cox said...

Wow! I really could never be a fashion designer. I don't have it in my blood to make men were short-shorts and women to have birds' nests in their hair. I don't get it.