Monday, September 10, 2007


I keep this picture on my dresser. Arlene and Beth Paul.
I can't help but see my little Isabelle in Arlene. Their sweet faces. What a great gift from God for us to look like relatives, ever reminding us of family.

Arlene- What an example to her family. She was strong, resilient, hardworking, and loved her family! What a great gift to us- her grandchildren-
She made such an impact on her children that they passed the love for her down to us. We all have memories of Grandma though the memories of our parents and relatives.
I sure anticipate our family reunion after this life! I have so many questions for her!

Family is so important- more important than anything in this life. I just love my family so much. I ramble on about this more often than I should. . . How God loves everyone so much and how we are all connected. We all struggle on this earth and if we could see that, see others like we see ourselves, with similar problems and internal struggles. We would be nice, helpful, loving, supportive- regardless of who it is. We would finally take some of the focus off ourselves. "Self-Esteem Issues" would disappear off the face of the earth! Imagine the possibilities.


Lindsay said...

What you said is so true. Whenever I am feeling down in the dumps- it is mostly because I am focusing way too much on myself, on comparing myself to others, etc.

I love that picture of Grandma. It will be so amazing to meet her, and also Grandpa (with a clear mind)!

I love you Rach!

Andrea said...

I feel the same way about grandma. I wish I could have met her. It sounds like she was an amazing woman. Isabelle really does look like her. It's crazy!