Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One More Day!

I am about to enter a very new, very exciting, very interesting chapter in my life. . .
Thursday is my final day working for Quickutz. It's a huge change in my life as I know it. I am just so excited! Isn't it fantastic!?

I will be teaching Voice Lessons again and spending more quality time with my family. Dave has been working so hard.
I have my fears- but I know that God will bless us for making this choice. The other day a friend at work was fretting about everything in her life and I told her she needed to decide what she wants her life to be like and then make it happen. You have agency in everything. Agency to be happy. Agency to make changes. We all have the power to be the person we want to be. Anything is possible.


Lindsay said...

Whooho! Congratulations Rach! I know you will make life happen!

I love you!

gina said...

i am so dang excited for you, rachy! you deserve every good thing. you amaze me. love you.

Andrea said...

That's so great! Being home is the best. Especially with those two cuties of yours. Good luck with everything. Love you!