Thursday, August 30, 2007

The boys-

OK so this post is mostly about Corban. He fell asleep the other day when we went to the store. He has been trying to tell me he doesn't need a nap during the day, then he falls asleep in random places. . . sound familiar mom?

Corban LOVES the harley.

The video: Corban starting it up, revving the engine, turning it off, repeat. He would do that all day if you let him. He loves Dave so much. When Dave is around I think I may not exist to Corban. Hahaha. Really.


gina said...

he's been a harley boy from the womb... how sweet he loves his dad & looks up to him so much! great pics!

Michelle Cox said...

I love the picture of Corban asleep in the shopping cart! I've totally done that, too, with Caleb. He'll fall asleep in the car in two seconds on days he refuses to take a nap. Okay, so he's four, but he still needs them! Lucky for him Pre-K is during naptime now.