Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday at the Doxeys

We celebrated Grandma Velma's 78th birthday on Sunday. She is such a sweet grandma. It was a great opportunity for a four generation picture. Corban wasn't cooperating well, so the picture with him didn't quite turn out as well as we hoped.

Dave was so cute chasing the kids around the yard which gave dad a good chance to get some great pictures of the kids.

So she is taking after grandpa Gordon already! Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper.


Ted & Patty said...

Hey Rachael,
What cute pictures! Looks like you all have such a fun time with your family. You look really happy when you are with them.
The one of Dave and Isabelle is so cute. I love the big smiles on both their faces.
I like the 4 generation one too. It's nice to see families grow.
Those pictures at the zoo are great. The harness for Corban...what a great idea! And it's so cute! So is he! Love ya!

Lindsay said...

That was a fun day, especially because you came up! Corban is so funny, as well as Isabelle, who knew she would have a taste for Caffiene free Diet Dr. Pepper?