Monday, July 16, 2007

Generosity of Neighbors (and family)

Our kind neighbors- Rita and BJ- Gave us the pool they used for their grandkids over the years. :) I just started mowing the lawn and Rita mentioned handing it over the fence- I got part of the front done when I noticed her rolling to kiddie pool toward our yard. I stopped and helped her lob the pool over to our side. Corban would not wait- the mowing would have to continue another time- perhaps. . .
(which BTW it did, as my mother-in-law graciously came over to finish the job. I love you Connie! thank you so much!)
Corban loves water and had so much fun playing, especially when I sprayed him with the hose. He loved it- when I decided we'd had enough, he fought his "terrible" mom all the way into the house- with his lip quivering because he was cold.
He sure is a fun boy. We are so lucky.

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